Oasis End-Of-Tour Book


At the end of each tour bands are given various gifts by promoters and management. Our customer (a music promoter) wanted something different for the end of the current Oasis tour. This would be bespoke to band members and tour personnel making it a limited edition print run of 70.


After meeting with the customer it was decided upon to produce a coffee table style leather bound picture book using pictures from the tour. We had four weeks until the last date of the tour which was our deadline.

Once the pictures were in we designed a layout and colour scheme that was fitting to the band (Manchester City Blue) and began mocking up the pages. Whilst the book was being designed we also sent the logo off for a block to be made for the embossing of both the cover page and front of the presentation box.

Although a limited edition run of 70 we decided to litho print the main body of the book for a flatter colour and a nice effect to the pictures. The bespoke section was a replica of the tour AAA passes and was printed on the Arizona due to the size needed on the slip sheet.

This was all brought together and sent off to a specialist book binder that was sourced during the design process.


  • SM72
  • Arizona 360GT
  • Book Binding