We are here to cater for you and your needs and whatever your situation may be. Vinyl is such a diverse product that can be used in many different ways depending on your requirements. We offer an array of sizes and types of vinyl that can be used in a variety of ways. This includes, wall branding, windows, furniture (such as; desks, cabinets, table tennis tables, lift doors etc.) the list is endless.

Static vinyl in our experience is ideal for any sort of events i.e. exhibitions, that requires some sort of print, where the venue doesn’t allow you to use anything to stick on to the wall in case any damage is made. Furthermore static would also be ideal for any shops, restaurants and bars who may have specials offers that may change every so often. Static is the perfect product, as you can easily apply and remove it with no mess or hassle. On the other hand Sticky vinyl is better fit for a more permanent route, especially if the print is to be showcased outside, this would ensure that it wouldn’t blow off.


One of our clients wanted to cover their lifts so that they fit in with their current event. Firstly we had to go and measure the lift doors so that we didn’t print the job at the wrong size. They then provided us with the artwork for us to then be able printed the job on to sticky vinyl. This was the best option in this situation, with lift doors opening and closing constantly they needed something that would stick and not be at risk of falling off. Lastly, we went to install the lift covers ourselves, out of hours for Health and Safety reasons.