When creating a prints that has got multiple pages to it, this would be classed as a book of some kind of description, whether that be, Brochures, Booklets or even Magazines, there are different ways that we provide in which these products can be finished. 


We offer a variety of finishing options:

·     Saddle stitch

·     Perfect bound

·     Ring/Spiral bound 

·     Spot UV

·     Embossing


Saddle Stitching: Saddle Stitching is the method that refers to the binding of the pages that are gathered together, folded and finally stapled along the crease from the outside to create the final product whatever that may be.


Perfect Binding: Perfect Binding is very similar to Saddle Stitching; the only difference is that it doesn’t involve the folding of the pages.


Ring/Spiral Binding: This type of Binding is also known as Coil Binding, this is the method of joining lose leaf pages and the cover together. It consumes a durable plastic or metal coil that is then inserted and twisted through small holes that have been punched along the spinal edge of the pages to put together the final outcome.


Spot UV: Spot UV, unlike the others is more about how the actual print looks, whereas the Binding is about physically putting the print together. Spot UV is a liquid varnish that is applied on top of the chosen print surface that therefore creates a gloss shine. The print surface area doesn’t have to be fully covered in Spot UV, you can chose something in particular, say a logo as this will make it stand out against the background.


Embossing: Embossing is similar to Spot UV as it’s all about how the print itself looks. A block of usually either, brass or copper is made with a reversed image of the selected design. Heat is used to enforce the rise or push of the design above to the surface to create a striking three-dimensional effect.